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My background is in Hatha Yoga which is classical yoga and is primarily concerned with the physical emphasis on yoga poses (Asanas), and breathing for the benefit of physical and mental health.

More About Yoga

Yoga is not only a physical practice which strengthens and tones your body increasing your flexibility, this ancient practice is a science of life and an art of living that originates from ancient India over tens of thousands of years ago. Practicing Yoga is a means whereby you are bringing your physical self, mental self and emotional self to as perfect a state as possible.

Whether you are coming to a class to relieve stress, to tone up your body or to stretch your muscles or recover from a sports injury- you will not be disappointed by the benefits of this amazing ancient practice.


And here are some:

"Sianne really helped me to relax during my pregnancy, enjoy my bump and prepare for birth!"
- Amanda, Putney

"My baby Cecilia and I love our Thursday mornings of yoga together" - Anne, Bethnal Green

"My baby and I really enjoy our Thursday morning class, which is great for me to stretch and connect with my little one in a different way"
- Cecilia, Shoreditch

"A really enjoyable class and a beautiful teacher"
- Russell Brand, comedian and actor

"After a stressful week I always look forward to Friday yoga for 'Sianne time!'"
- Jo, Shoreditch

"I came to Sianne over a year ago with numerous chronic health issues including M.E. and arthritis. Through one to one yoga therapy sessions, Sianne has helped me to build up my strength physically and mentally. She tailors each session to how I am feeling on that particular day, whether I need more joint focussed work, body strengthening or gentle restorative yoga, as well as devising routines that I can do on my own. The sessions are so fun and enjoyable that the hour always goes too quickly! Sianne is not only a wonderful teacher, but also the kind of person that is a joy to be around, and her support, understanding and knowledge have really helped me on my road to recovery. I always come away from our sessions feeling revitalised and positive. I wholeheartedly recommend Sianne for whatever your yoga needs may be!"
- Lauren, Kew

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